Hockey Cheat Sheet in the Globe? You Cannot Be Serious…

Did The Boston Globe really publish a cheat sheet to hockey rules in today’s edition? In a hockey hotbed like Boston?

I’d maybe expect this from the Tampa Tribune or St. Petersburg Times in preparation for the upcoming Bruins-Lightning series. But isn’t this supposed to be “the hub of hockey”?

Thank Orr, Espo, Bourque, and the other hockey gods that at least this monstrosity didn’t appear in the sports pages, but in the G section in connection with a story on bandwagon Bruins fans. But anywhere in newsprint is too close to the sports page for my liking.

This is one feature that should have been kept on ice. (Ice for the uninitiated hockey fan is “frozen water.”)

Looking forward to a follow up for the Stanley Cup finals that includes a Zamboni definition.

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