World Cup & Wimbledon: why we watch the games…

You don’t have to be a big tennis or soccer fan to appreciate the special sports moments that occurred yesterday. Both events featured displays of heart, guts, and endurance that make us shake our heads in wonder and draw us in to what Wide World of Sports dubbed “the human drama of athletic competition.”

In the World Cup, the U.S. team was on the brink of elimination in the final minutes of a scoreless tie against Algeria. It was do or die time. Score or go home. And Landon Donovan capped off a frenzied drive up the field to send the Americans to victory and into the next round. Even if you weren’t a soccer fan, it was one of those goose bump moments that makes you a sports fan.

At about the same time as the ball hit the back of the net, John Isner and Nicolas Mahut were locked in a duel for the ages on the grass courts of Wimbledon. They were locked at 27-27 in the fifth set after their match had been suspended the night before by darkness. But they were just warming up. These guys incredibly kept holding serve to 59-59 when darkness intervened again. Isner looked like a punchdrunk fighter, but he was still throwing haymakers. Mahut was diving after balls at 54-54. Riveting stuff to watch two competitors play at such a high level when you know you’d be sucking wind after about 10 games.

But that’s why we watch the games…

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