Where to Watch: Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Hockey

Boston Bruins 1930sThis Saturday the Bruins begin their Eastern Conference final against the Tampa Bay Lightning. If you aren’t one of the lucky fans to have a ticket to the TD Garden, the next best thing is to watch the game with a bunch of die-hard Bruins fans.

Notice I said “die-hard” not “bandwagon.” Tuesday’s edition of The Boston Globe featured an article on bandwagon Bruins fans complete with a reprehensible cheat sheet of hockey terms. (It made me long for the old New England Watch and Ward Society because that’s one piece of printed material that definitely should be “Banned in Boston.”) The article included interviews with people casually watching the game at Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar. Nice place, but the article gave a good insight into the hockey knowledge of the crowd, which appeared to be on par with a Hooters in Tampa.

So if you want to watch with some real die-hards, I have a place for you: Sullivan’s Tap. I’d give you a link to their website, but Sullivan’s isn’t a place that’s going to have a website. Sully’s is a shot and beer dive bar just down the street from the Garden. It’s basically a long hallway of drinkers stretching between Canal and Friend Streets. It’s not much wider than a bowling alley. You’re not going to get cushy seat or giant HDTVs. No fancy fru-fru drinks. What you get is grit and character, a perfect setting for hockey fans. And you won’t find any bandwagons double-parked outside.

Got any other places where the real die-hard Bruins fans show up? Post it below.

Sullivan’s Tap. 168 Canal Street. 617-617-7617.

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