Dear Santa: Bring me some beer.

If we woke up and discovered Santa had left us a little something frosty and hoppy under the tree, this is what we’d be hoping for. (Psst. Santa. We’re talking to you!)

  1. Dear Santa, for Christmas I’d like as much Pretty Things Beer as you can put in that sleigh of yours. By now you’ve likely heard the sad news that Pretty Things is stopping production. The clock is ticking, Santa. Do yourself (and me) a favor and stock up wherever you see their beers. I wouldn’t plan on saving them, though. Fresh is best, Santa. Why don’t we dedicate a whole night to drinking the good stuff? New Year’s Eve should do the trick.
  2. Santa, maybe you don’t want to schlep all the beer to us. Maybe you want to schlep all of us to the beer? What we’re suggesting here is is a free ride in your sleigh to Trillium Brewing‘s new Canton facility. Like the Fort Point facility, Canton will offer retail sales of growlers, bottles, and merchandise–but they also allow you to sample their variety of beers. And Santa, this is a really fun way to taste everything Trillium is brewing.
  3. Heady Topper. Heady Topper. Heady Topper. Santa, see here for retailers in Vermont that stock the good stuff.
  4. Tributary Brewing’s beers. But in particular, I’d like some of the Hop Harvest. Why? Well, Santa, because it’s a wet-hop beer indigenous to Massachusetts brewed with Cascade hops and grain from the very cool folks at Valley Malt. 
  5. Santa, surely the folks at Maine Beer Company are on your Nice List. These brewers are committed to delivering delicious beers while reducing the environmental impact brewing can have. Maine Beer Company is part of Brewers for Clean Water and have signed the Clean Water Pledge. (Check out that list; brewers are seriously responsible people.) Spent grains and liquid waste go to local farmers for compost, fertilizer and feed, and they operate their facilities with cutting-edge energy efficiencies. (Seriously, Santa. Check out their website!)

Santa, to summarize: I’m not picky. Just discerning. Anything produced by the brewers on this list (co-authored by our very own Crafty Bastard, Lauren Clark) will have us waking up with a smile Christmas day. Because no one is happier than when there is a tasty six pack or fresh growler under the tree. And don’t forget to sneak a copy of Crafty Bastards into everyone’s stocking this year!