Veterans Day Program for Kids at the Spellman Museum of Stamps

Do you know how to say “hello” in Japanese? Do you know the four major islands that make up Japan or what Tanki Bushi is? How about what makes a Haiku poem special? These questions—and many more about Japan and its people—will be answered by author Willamarie Moore on Friday, November 11 from 10:30 to noon at The Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History in Weston.

The museum is a great place for kids (check out a recent profile I wrote about it for The Boston Globe), and its Japanese Culture Day program will provide even more incentive to visit while the kids are home for the Veterans Day holiday.

Moore is the Head of School Programs and Resources at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and also the author of two recent children’s books, All About Japan and Japanese Traditions. On Friday, she will share her experiences from living for several years in Japan as well as continuing to make frequent visits. In addition, Moore will bring items from her travels around Japan to share with children and also provide some hands-on activities, such as origami and making samurai hats. The Museum will have stamps on exhibit that reflect the many aspects of Japanese culture and history.

After Moore’s presentation, she will sign her books and the part of the proceeds will be given to the Japanese Disaster Relief Fund/Boston. After Moore’s presentation, children will be able to participate in stamp hunts for prizes and do various arts and crafts activities using stamps. The Museum will remain open until its usual 5:00 closing.

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