Union Park Press New England Calendar Series: July 2012

New England can let out a collective, anticipatory breath as July rolls in and with it all the signs of a blissful, sunny summer. After cold winter months, rainy spring weeks, and never-ending days of school and work, July stands as a beacon of freedom and good weather. With June under our belts and August ahead, there’s plenty of time for relaxing. But with so much going on in July—cookouts, excursions, Fourth of July festivities—lounging in the sun can wait. Our calendar image for the month of July depicts Nixes Mate, from Christopher Klein’s Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands and conveys a message of an adventurous July. Ye be warned, mates.

The history of Nixes Mate is spotted with piracy, potential murder, a hanging (or two), and good ol’ Boston shipping commerce. Sitting atop what used to be an island north of Gallops Island is a six-sided pyramid that stands as a beacon of warning of shallow waters, just as July serves as our beacon of summer. Many tales of debatable fact or fiction surround the mystery of what happened to Nixes Mate. A curse placed on the island from an accused murderer pleading innocence? Hidden treasure and murderous greed? Or plain old natural and man-made deterioration of the land? We’ll leave the decision of what happened to Nixes Mate up to you and your imagination.

Fantastical or natural, the devastation of the island is a sad tale. But the remnants of the island and its beacon provide a captivating view evoking the spirit of summer, Boston, and adventure. Use your free time and the beautiful July weather to go out, discover, and have a little adventure of your own. After a day out on the water, check out Nix’s Mate Restaurant in the Hilton Downtown Boston/Financial District Hotel. With a modern nautical interior and delicious American fare, including dishes named after the infamous Captain Nix, the island-inspired restaurant promises a good time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks. Can’t get enough of the islands? Don’t forget about Christopher Klein’s walking tour of Peddocks Island on July 1st! Enjoy your July and may (safe) adventure await ye ahead.

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About the Union Park Press Calendar Series
When you publish books about arts, history, and culture of Boston and New England, you are bound to see some spectacular photography. It’s our goal to share some of those gorgeous scenes with fellow New England-lovers through our books, our blog, Pinterest and now through our  monthly Union Park Press digital desktop calendar series! We hope you enjoy and return each month for a new beautiful calendar.

To learn more about Nixes Mate, order Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands through our website; online through Amazon or Barnes & Noble; or pick up a copy at your local bookstore. If your favorite shop doesn’t have it in stock, just ask—they’ll be happy to order it for you!

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