Union Park Press New England Calendar Series: August 2012

With news of recent great white shark attacks in Truro and sightings in Chatham, heading to Cape Cod beaches might bring about a bit of anxiety. Hopefully, though, the stunning photograph that we chose this month as part of our digital calendar series can serve as a reminder that there are plenty of ways to enjoy the coastal waters of the Cape in August, even if swimming far from the shoreline no longer seems all that appealing.

This watery image, taken by award-winning photojournalist Ethan Daniels and featured in his book, Under Cape Cod Waters—a breathtaking portrait of the majestic underwater world of Cape Cod— depicts one of New England’s oldest and most cherished traditions: shellfishing.  Whether a pastime for some or a livelihood for others, digging for clams in the thick coastal mire is one activity that bonds countless local Cape Codders together.  So this August, why not join the ranks of the locals while visiting Cape Cod and dig in the mud for your own dinner, too? All you need to clam are three things: a permit from the town in which you plan to dig, a clamming rake which will let you pick up clams without also picking up sand, and a dreener, a wire basket to hold your catch, such as the one seen here in this photograph. Then, wait until low tide (check out this website here for the tide schedule), and scan the sand for breathing holes. But be forewarned! While you’ll see plenty of breathing holes as you comb through the sand, many of the holes will belong to seaworms—not the tasty hard shell clams (quahogs) or soft shell clams (steamers) you had anticipated! But when you do find the real deal, we promise that you, too, will be happy as a clam.

How to set this image as your Desktop Background

  • Download this for your desktop screen in resolutions of 1280 x 800 (small)1440 x 900 (medium), or 1920 x 1200 (large), based on the size of your screen.
  • Right-click (or ctrl-click for some Mac users) on the image, and chose the option that says, “Set as Desktop Background”“Use as Desktop Picture”, — the exact wording will depend on the browser you use.
  • If the image does not fit your desktop background neatly, you may have to go to your preference screen (on a Mac: System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop; on Windows: Control Panel > Display > Desktop) and choose “Fit to screen” as the display mode of your background image.
  • Voila! You have a beautiful, seasonal desktop calendar to keep you on track all month long.

About the Union Park Press Calendar Series
When you publish books about arts, history, and culture of Boston and New England, you are bound to see some spectacular photography. It’s our goal to share some of those gorgeous scenes with fellow New England-lovers through our books, our blog, Pinterest and now through our  monthly Union Park Press digital desktop calendar series! We hope you enjoy and return each month for a new beautiful calendar.

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