Union Park Press Calendar Series: November 2012

For over a year now, we have been bringing you digital calendars splashed with images of beautiful New England landscapes, historic buildings, and nautical scenes. This month, we are doing something just a BIT different as we proudly announce the release of our newest book, Drinking Boston: A History of the City and Its Spirits!

This month’s provocative image is an advertisement featuring 1940s nightclub the Round Up, which was located on Huntington Avenue, near Massachusetts Avenue.  While the advertisement shows a somewhat scantily clad cowgirl, the Round Up, like other nightclubs from this era, was a glamorous place where couples and families would frequent for fine dining, drinking and entertainment. Similar spots like the Latin Quarter (owned by Barbara Walters’ father!), the Cocoanut Grove, Club Mayfair, Lido Venice, and the Casa Manana were popular destinations throughout the Theater District, the Back Bay, the South End and the neighborhood now known as Bay Village.

So how did the glitzy nightclubs of Boston fade away? You’ll have to pick up Drinking Boston to find out… and while you’re at it, read about the city’s colonial-era taverns, 19th century saloons, Prohibition-era speakeasies, breweries, neighborhood bars and today’s craft cocktail revolution.


How to set this image as your Desktop Background

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  • Voila! You have a beautiful, seasonal desktop calendar to keep you on track all month long!

About the Union Park Press Calendar Series

When you publish books about history, culture and natural environment of Boston and New England, you are bound to see some spectacular photography. It’s our goal to share some of those gorgeous scenes with fellow New England-lovers through our books, our blog, Pinterest and now through our monthly Union Park Press digital desktop calendar series! We hope you enjoy and return each month for a new beautiful calendar.

To learn more about the history of Boston as seen through the lens of the city’s barrooms and cocktail lounges, purchase Drinking Boston through our website; online through Amazon or Barnes & Noble; or pick up a copy at your favorite local bookstore. If your favorite shop doesn’t have it in stock, just ask—they’ll be happy to order it for you!

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