The start of the holiday season

“I can’t believe it’s December!” I’ve been hearing this a lot lately and frankly, I can’t believe it myself. The weather isn’t particularly cold, I was just eating a Turkey leftover sandwich a few days ago, I haven’t gotten around to my holiday shopping, and by the way Happy Hanukkah?! This year I feel like I’m chasing after the holiday spirit instead of spreading it.

Chasing after that holiday feeling just won’t cut it so we’ve decided to create some here at Union Park Press. We’ve asked each of our authors to write a holiday wish list. We have experts in many essential fields and hope some of their gift ideas will inspire you this holiday season. You’ll be hearing from Christopher Klein, sports nut and harbor islands authority, Kim Foley MacKinnon, city mom and family-beat writer, Meg Muckenhoupt, local parks and green initiatives expert, and Ethan Daniels, underwater photography guru with a strong affection for Cape Cod and other exotic locales. You might also be hearing from some of the UPP crew who love Boston dearly and are always looking for new fun things to do in the city. So, grab a glass of eggnog and stay tuned as our amazing authors post their lists for Santa—you might discover the perfect gift for the Bostonian in your life. Ho ho ho!

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  1. harrypotterronweasleyandhermionegranger
    December 3, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    Very interesting indeed. But what about gifts for people who live in Boston and are secretly/not so secretly in love with other states? Such as, I don’t know…Vermont? I’ll stay tuned to your blog (which happens to be excellent) to see what you come up with. Back to Hogwarts for now – I’ve got some spells to master and Quidditch match against Ravenclaw tomorrow.

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