The Pop Ups are Coming!

Freedom Trail Pop Up Book_coverIf you have ever been to Boston, there is a good chance you’ve walked the Freedom Trail, even if you didn’t know you were doing it. Marked by red paint or slender, maroon bricks, the 2.5-mile path takes visitors past some of Boston’s famous, historic sites. While the Freedom Trail hasn’t changed in years, there is something new and exciting coming to down the path: the Freedom Trail Pop Up Book of Boston by Denise D. Price!

When Denise first walked the trail, she was enthralled by all the architecture and history embedded in the streets of Boston. Churches, monuments, ships; all on display. When she looked for a pop up book that captured Boston’s spirit, however, she found that none existed. “If historic cities like New York and Washington D.C. have their own pop up books,” she thought, “why doesn’t Boston have one?”

Not one to sit and wait for what she wanted, Denise began researching and experimenting with pop up books. After five years of creating the book, running a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that provided the project with capital, and making a trip to Vietnam to be a part of the production process, Denise is ready to share her masterpiece with children, history buffs, architecture nerds, born-and-bred Bostonians, and Bay State visitors. This is Boston’s very first pop up book. With seventeen moveable, three-dimensional Freedom Trail sites tucked into its pages, the Freedom Trail Pop Up Book of Boston sheds light on the trail’s little-known features and brings famous moments in history to life.

“These are the same streets and the same buildings that stood during the Revolutionary War. Our fight to become the United States happened in debate and action on the very streets that we walk on today. There is no other city in America where you can experience such historically significant buildings that housed pivotal events. Boston is where it all  happened, this is where the Revolution began.” Denise’s passion for the city and its history is evident from her passion and dedication to the book. You can learn more about Denise and her journey as Boston’s first historic pop up author through the videos below.

Freedom Trail Pop Up Book of Boston is available for pre-order online and is coming soon to book stores and gift shops throughout Greater Boston!


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