“The Coastal Table” in edible Rhody!

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 1.51.09 PMThe great press continues: The Coastal Table receives a glowing review in edible Rhody’s fall issue!

edible Rhody’s Eleanor Duke reviewed The Coastal Table in the magazine’s latest issue, calling author Karen J. Covey’s recipes “mouthwatering” and the photographs “stunning”. Writes Duke, “The lip-smacking cocktail recipes, picnic ideas and delicious suggestions to help usher in the fall will keep you full of inspiration from beginning to end.”

You can find the full review here. It’s the latest praise for the book, which has received an outpouring of positive press.

The Coastal Table is now available in your local Barnes & Noble and independent bookstore. You can also purchase the book through our websiteAmazon, and BN.com.


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