The Coastal Table at Wellesley Books

Photo courtesy of Cassandra Birocco

Photo courtesy of Cassandra Birocco

When food writer and personal chef Karen Covey moved to the south coast of Massachusetts, she discovered a gastronomic treasure trove. Inspired by the bounty of the region and the commitment of these artisans, farmers, and fishermen, she wrote the comprehensive and immenesely popular cookbook, The Coastal Table.

On Wednesday, November 6th at 7 p.m. Karen will showcase the region’s culinary traditions at a book signing and tasting as a part of Wellesley Books’; “Cooking the Books” series. Karen will prepare and serve a variety of appetizers – such as crostini with cloumage and cranberry chutney, pumpkin polenta, and mocha shortbread – that are guaranteed to please guests when entertaining for the holidays. Karen will complement these dishes with a glass of Westport Rivers Winery‘s Farmers’ Fizz.

Photo Courtesy of Cassandra Dircocco.

Photo Courtesy of Karen Covey.

The Coastal Table celebrates southern New England food and features recipes for cool fall days, sophisticated outdoor entertaining, and simple, everyday meals. In addition to Karen’s vibrant recipes, the cookbook includes contributions by New England’s most esteemed chefs, such as Barbara Lynch of the Barbara Lynch Gruppo and Matt Jennings of Farmstead in Providence, who rely on the region’s quality produce when crafting their menus. She also profiles many of the area’s winemakers, farmers, cheesemakers, and fishermen who are quietly producing some of New England’s finest ingredients.

Karen is a personal chef, food writer, and recipe developer. She is the creator of the site Gourmet Recipes for One and her articles and recipes have been featured in the Boston Globe Magazineedible South Shore, and Local in Season.  The Coastal Table is now available at the How On Earth store and in your local Barnes & Noble and independent bookstore. You can also purchase the book through our websiteAmazon, and

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