Stephanie Schorow at Boyden Library

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It’s a common belief that our Puritan forefathers were an austere and prudish population, though in fact, many of them began their day with a frothy mug of flip or a large tankard of ale.

Boston history writer and journalist Stephanie Schorow dispels this and other misconceptions about Boston’s long and storied relationship with alcohol and barrooms in her new book Drinking Boston: A History of the City and Its Spirits, which she will discuss at Boyden Library in Foxboro on Tuesday, March 25th at 7:30 p.m. The event is free and open to the public and is being hosted by the Foxboro Historical Society.

Drinking Boston introduces readers to the cast of characters who championed or vilified drinking and the places where they imbibed – legally and otherwise. And her book is representative of Boston’s intoxicating and complex story: its spirit of invention, its hardscrabble politics, its mythology, and the city’s never-ending battle between persona freedom and civic reform – all told through the lens of the bottom of a cocktail glass. Bringing us to present day, this literary pub-crawl visits some of Boston’s most beloved and enduring neighborhood barrooms, ending with an examination of Boston’s very own recipe for the current cocktail renaissance sweeping the nation. Join Schorow at the Boyden Library to learn more.

Schorow is the author of six books on Boston history, including Boston on Fire: A History of Fires and Firefighting in Boston, The Cocoanut Grove Fire, The Crime of the Century: How the Brinks Robbers Stole Millions and the Hearts of Boston, among others. A seasoned reporter, she has worked for the Boston Herald and the Associated Press.

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