“Sport Fishing is Alive in Boston Harbor” – We’ve got expert tips!

For those of you who were intrigued by the piece “Looking Out: Sport Fishing is Alive in Boston Harbor” on WBUR this morning, here are some tips from our expert Chuck Zonderman as told to Chris Klein, author of Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands: A Guide to the City’s Hidden Shores:

Bluefish: “Like mackerel, bluefish can be caught while they are feeding near the surface of the water. Blues are also out in the deeper water around the B-buoy, and can be caught both on the surface and deeper down.”

Flounder: “Try around Peddocks, Rainsford, Long, and Green Islands—or anywhere there’s soft bottom, even in shallow water…They’re great eating fish and sea worms tend to be the best bait.”

Bass: “Flocks of birds feeding on bait fish are a good indication they’re around. Look around river mouths for early bass. Try the Back River and the Fore River.”

For more sport fishing tips from Hingham Shipyard Marinas Chuck Zonderman and for the ultimate guide to planning your next trip to the Boston Harbor Islands, pick up a copy of Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands.

Join Chris Klein at the Community Boating Boathouse on the Esplanade (21 David Mugar Way, Boston, MA 02114) tonight at 6:30PM as he discusses the best kept secret of the Northeast. He will be signing copies of Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands, which will be available for retail.

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