Sharks and Dives, from Cape Cod to Northern California

Though it’s nice to be home in California for a few weeks, I’m a bit detached from diving.  In general, I need to drive a couple of hours out of Berkeley before hitting sweet kelp forest spots like Monterey to the south or Salt Point to the north. Just a few days ago a friend and I headed south to dive Point Lobos.  The water was as cold as anything on the east coast with upwelling coming up from the depths of Monterey Canyon. Unfortunately for me, my new drysuit leaked quite a bit and I’m still de-thawing.

There has recently been quite a bit of news about sharks returning to the Cape area this summer and it’s about that time of the year for white sharks to show up here in Northern California as well.  Now that it’s known how far these beasts migrate each season it is reasonable to assume that they are a bit hungry upon reaching both the Cape and the Bay area.

As surfers, kayakers, and fishermen begin reporting more sightings, I wonder how smart it was for me to have bought a black drysuit that looks quite seal-like…  Whatever the case, though this is the time of the year for major phytoplankton blooms, I’ve had some beautiful local dives and hope to soon put more time in underwater off the Cape.

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