Proposed MBTA Cuts Threaten the Boston Harbor Islands

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Those of us who live in and around Boston are likely familiar with the recent discussion about potential MBTA fare hikes and service cuts. These proposals come as a way of dealing with massive deficits and a struggling system.

However, it has been brought to our attention by the Boston Harbor Island Alliance that some of these proposals include eliminating commuter ferries and Boston Harbor Island ferries from Quincy.  In light of all the public investment that has gone into the harbor and the Boston Harbor Islands National Park, we believe that any cuts to ferry service are misguided.

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of the Boston Harbor Islands here at Union Park Press.  Our first, and still most popular title, Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands: A Guide to the City’s Hidden Shores, was created to share that enthusiasm for this incredible resource found just minutes away from downtown Boston.  We are thrilled that this guide has served to introduce many people to the Islands for the first time and to give experienced explorers a deeper knowledge of the Islands’ history and context.

The Boston Harbor National Park area has seen incredible growth in recent years, with public interest and visitor counts increasing each season. But if we cut out a major means for getting people to the islands, what will be the consequence?

If you feel the same way, please attend one of the public hearings scheduled by the MBTA and make your voice heard.

MBTA Public Hearing Schedule

UPDATE: The Boston Globe has published an Op-Ed piece that supports maintaining the commuter ferry service from Hull, Hingham and Quincy, saying that taking the services away is a step backward. While the Boston Harbor Island ferries out of Quincy were not mentioned, we believe that not providing ferry service from that location threatens the recent successes and improved infrastructure at the Boston Harbor Islands.

Photograph by Sue Scheible for the Patriot Ledger

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  1. tom cunningham
    February 3, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    Oh please……….the MBTA is out of money. They can no longer afford to give the private boat company 3.2 Million a year so that the people who live in the most elite sections of the city can take a boat ride. News flash to the good people of Hull and Higham, take a bus or a train like the rest of us! Cutting service to Roxberry, Dorchester and Mattapan while ferrying you guys around on a boat makes no sense

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