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Fluff: The Sticky Sweet Story of an American Icon

Fluff: The Sticky Sweet Story of an American Icon



At the turn of the twentieth century, Boston was a boom- ing candy town. Of all the treats, nothing has stuck around like Marshmallow Fluff. Since then, family- run Durkee-Mower has churned out a century of Fluff with the secretive air of Willy Wonka. From Fluffernutters to fudge, little has been made of its extraordinary legacy—until now.

To author Mimi Graney, mastermind behind the offbeat What the Fluff festival, Fluff is more than a retro ingredient in a folksy sand- wich—it’s a story about the merits and pitfalls of adaptation and innovation. Graney brings the factory to life, weaving a fascinating narrative about New England’s forgotten candy industry, social roles for women, the advent of radio and modern advertising, and how we buy our food today. Marshmallow Fluff has survived two world wars, corporate attacks, and the fall of manufacturing towns, yet it re- mains the same, achieving the enviable status of an American icon.

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