We are thrilled to announce that Kim Knox Beckius, author of New England’s Historic Homes & Gardens, made her gossip column debut in Sunday’s Boston Herald. Yes, you read that right. Kim was interviewed for a very fun article called “The Ghosts of Gossip Columns Past”, which detailed the once famous rumors that swirled around the personal lives of the wealthy novelist Edith Wharton, heiress Doris Duke, and industrial tycoon Thomas Plant.

When asked how she selected the thirty-six homes and gardens for this book, Kim has said that she looked for the personal tales and family sagas that bring history to life. Because of that, New England’s Historic Homes & Gardens is a very compelling book that looks at both the beauty of the architecture and New England landscapes, but also fills out those descriptions with the stories of very human people that once inhabited them.

Curious about what could have landed these famed historic figures in the gossip pages of yore? Read “The Ghosts of Gossip Columns Past” from the Boston Herald, this  (very funny) blog post from gossip columnist Megan Johnson, and pick up a copy of New England’s Historic Homes & Gardens for yourself or for your People magazine loving friend this week!