“New England’s Historic Homes & Gardens” in Coastal Home Magazine

Image by Nicole Jean Turner

Image by Nicole Jean Turner

Prepare your snow brushes and blowers; more snow is coming to Boston this weekend. After all, Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow. (He even has an arrest warrant in New Hampshire for failing to disclose how much snow would be coming!) But fear not! With only 36 days remaining until the official start of spring, sunshine and flowers will return to the Boston Common soon.

Do you read Coastal Home Magazine? We do, and they just released a lovely review of our book New England’s Historic Homes & Gardens. Filled with photography by William H. Johnson that shows how beautiful a sunny day in New England really is, Kim Knox Beckius wrote the indoor and outdoor guide that explores some of the most beautiful spaces and places Historic Homes & Gardensaround New England. As Coastal Home Magazine puts it, “this book makes an excellent travel guide,” and there’s no better time than when snowed in at home to plan your next adventure around New England.

So if you’re longing for a warmer view (we know we are), we suggest you grab yourself a copy online or from your local bookstore, and cuddle up to it with a warm blanket and hot beverage. Also, check out Coastal Home Magazine for more books and reviews like this one.

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