May 14, 2011: Sports Walk with Christopher Klein

No American city is as sports-obsessed as Boston. It’s a fact.

On May 14th, join Christopher Klein and the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School Adult Education to learn about the evolution of sports in Boston (its love of sports was hardly preordained).

The tour will cover landmarks in downtown Boston connected to the city’s rich sporting history: learn fun facts like those about a Founding Father who was also a swimming phenom, discover the birthplaces of national sports like football and baseball, explore old haunts of Boston legends such as John L. Sullivan and Francis Ouimet, and stand in awe at honorary statues of city greats like Red Auerbach and Larry Bird. Join Chris on this adventure through Boston’s sport history–and get ready to have your die-hard sports knowledge put to the test!

The tour will meet in front of the Old South Meeting House at 5pm and ends at Faneuil Hall at 7pm. Families are welcome and the tour will meet rain or shine. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

For more information (and to register):

Visit Lincoln-Sudbury Adult Education or call 978-443-9961, 781-259-9527

or visit Christopher Klein’s personal website.

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