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Making an Entrance

Deb Cohen never could have guessed that her innocent house stalking hobby would captivate over fifty thousand history buffs and design enthusiasts on social media. Now, Cohen’s wildly popular Instagram feed, The Front Door Project, will be curated and collected into a stunning coffee table book published by Union Park Press in Spring 2019.

This isn’t just about house envy, though. As she does in her Instagram feed, Cohen shares her enchanting photos as well as the fascinating architectural history of the region, always underscoring the importance and value of historic preservation. From cottages to capes, colonials to Victorians, MAKING AN ENTRANCE celebrates the weathered, enduring treasures throughout New England. With an eye for detail, Cohen has a knack for finding the extraordinary along New England’s main streets and country roads, showing her deep appreciation for homeowners who have thoughtfully maintained the heritage of their historic homes. As Deb Cohen is the first to point out, each vibrantly painted door, thoughtful garden bed, or whimsical knocker tells a story about the house and New England’s beloved architectural history.

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