Keeping the Kids Cool in Boston

For the Boston parents out there who do not yet own a copy of Boston Baby, this week (high of 96 degrees today!) might be the week to pick up a copy!  Author Kim Foley  MacKinnon dedicates an entire chapter of the book, “It’s Hot, Hot, Hot,” to summer activities that’ll keep the whole family cool (plus the museums, classes, and getaways in the rest of the book will also keep you busy). From beaches, spray decks, sailing, and parks, to children’s Indie bookstores and libraries, there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed by the heat. Here are a few options to get you through this week:

Artesani Park and Wading Pool, 1255 Soldiers Field Road, Brighton. Kim lists this as one of the best spray parks in the city. Located on the Charles River you’ll get a great view and (hopefully) slight breeze, while the kids can splash around, enjoy the playgrounds, break for a picnic, and even feed the ducks nearby. Plus, there are lifeguards on duty, changing rooms, showers, and free parking (with an ice cream truck that hangs around too!)–you’ll be all set for the day.

Courageous Sailing at Jamaica Pond, 617-268-7243, Can’t swim in Jamaica Pond but sailing away on the water will keep the kids cool. Paddle around, feed the ducks, and get the little ones fishing.

Castle Island and Fort Independence, Day Boulevard, South Boston, 617-727-5290. Hang out by the water, explore Fort Independence, and enjoy a snack at local landmark Sullivan’s, all at the tip of Pleasant Bay. Plus, your future pilots can watch the planes as they land and take off from Logan.

Curious George & Friends, 1 JFK Street, Cambridge, 617-498-0062, If you’d rather have the kids out of the sun, head on over to Harvard Square to explore the two floors of books and toys in this local Indie that was founded with the help of Curious George writer Margret Rey. Perhaps an afternoon (iced) tea is in order too? Upstairs on the Square has an array of treats for the fam.

Museum of Science, Science Park, Boston, 617-723-2500, With exciting exhibits, live presentations, and the omni films, the museum offers plenty for a daytrip–or multiple daytrips. Stop by the Butterfly Garden for a tour or catch one of the 3D films to learn all about our planet. Your future scientist is certain to be intrigued by the creatures and interactive activities; and for any kids below the age of 8, the Discovery Center should be your first stop upon arrival.

Hope these tips help get the family out and about despite the heat. And send us (or tweet us @unionparkpress) some favorite hot spots in your area too–the cooler the better!

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