Imbibing Boston: A History Project

A new project from Union Park Press!

Do you remember the glamor and glitz of Boston’s nightclubs like the Mayfair or Latin Quarter? Does your family have a story about the epic fire at Cocoanut Grove? Has your grandpa ever mentioned talked about the days of Prohibition, when a person had to slip into someone’s South Boston kitchen for a quick—illegal—drink? Did you hear stories about hearing jazz at Boston’s own Storyville in Kenmore Square? Stephanie Schorow, journalist and UPP author, has started research for her new book, due out in 2012. But… she needs your help! She’s looking for accounts, memories, and oral histories of the Boston bar scene from the late 1800s to the 1940s and ’50s through the 1980s. To help spread the word we’ve created a Facebook page and we’d love for you to check it out.

Share your memories of Boston’s long history with bars, nightclubs, taverns, and local watering holes. From saloons to speakeasies and nightclubs to jazz hangouts, this Facebook page is an outlet for you to share your stories. If you’d like to contact Stephanie directly, please email or post on the wall of Imbibing Boston: A History Project.

Let the drinking, er, sharing begin! CHEERS!

P.S. We’ve got plenty more photos on Facebook—take a look to see if anything jogs your memory! Also, don’t forget to talk about the project with your grandparents (take notes!)—if they don’t do Facebook, we’re happy to connect through snail mail and telephone to best meet their needs. Most importantly, we want to hear their/your stories. Thanks!

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