Holiday Wish List of a Hardworking Bostonian

I tend to be known around UPP for my love of food, cooking, travel, and of course, all things Boston. I enjoy the small pleasures in life, from the first sip of my afternoon pick-me-up and a small, soul-satisfying bite of dark chocolate, to somewhat more luxurious treats, like traveling as much as possible and adventurous meals out on the town. So for my holiday wish list, I decided to think both small and big about what I’d truly cherish this holiday season—take a look (and spread the word if you have any connections!)…

From the workplace…
  • A Union Park Press Nespresso Machine for my afternoon cappuccino—my daily reminder of the cafes of Provence.
  • Unlimited office supply of dark chocolate with almonds or hazelnuts to add an extra moment of bliss with my coffee.
  • Bi-weekly city lunch meetings to try out Boston’s newest and most delicious restaurants—with occasional cooking classes by Boston’s top chefs at fantastic places like Stir in the South End and Rialto in Harvard Square.
  • Exercise ball in the office for stretch breaks (can throw in a weekly massage if we really want to go all out).
  • UPP private yoga classes, Monday and Wednesday mornings before work. What an amazing way to start the day!
And into the kitchen…
  • Le Creuset cooking set–and I mean the whole set. But a large oval dutch oven would be a great start (red to match my Le Creuset spatula set).
  • Olive wood cutting boards and large salad bowl for our feasts with friends.
  • A bottle of St. Germain Liquor to go with a few bottles of Prosecco—as served at the Beacon Street Tavern‘s patio on a warm summer’s night.
  • Ad Hoc at Home by Thomas Keller, looks like a wonderful cookbook–to be purchased at my local bookstore, of course, Brookline Booksmith.
And off and away…
  • A personal shopper so I never have to go clothes shopping, ever (and the clothes can be on someone else’s credit card)—any takers?
  • A weekend in Montreal for five to ten friends, house rental included. For a city that’s relatively close to Boston, it seems a shame that I’ve never been to explore this unique, bi-lingual city. Would definitely be up for the adventure!
  • A pair of plane tickets to Europe for the late spring/early summer. As I grew up in London, I’ve done my fair share of traveling in Europe but can never get enough of it. The cities, the food, the culture, the way of life—all incredible and worth a return trip year after year.
  • And some day… A beautiful house, with a fully equipped kitchen and pots hanging from the walls, with a holiday cottage in the south of France. A girl can dream, right!?

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