From Cape Cod to Indonesia

If you’ve checked out our gorgeous book Under Cape Cod Waters, then you know author Ethan Daniels is a fantastic underwater photographer and marine biologist. In the book, he brought us stunning shots of the native aquatic life that inhabit the Cape’s peninsula’s near-shore waters and kettle holes, such as the vivid blue crabs and adorable gray seals.

But while Cape Cod was Ethan’s childhood summer home, he now spends his days traveling the world, capturing images of the ocean’s rarest and most beautiful treasures. Most recently, he spent time in Indonesia—and has offered to share some of his most beautiful photographs with us! Check out the gallery below.

“The remote islands lying off the western tip of New Guinea harbor is home to what is possibly the greatest assembly of marine diversity on earth. This epicenter of life is known as Raja Ampat.  The exact reasons behind the level of species diversity may never be known, but the geography, climate, and geology of the region all play a part in providing underwater habitats and niches for thousands upon thousands of invertebrates, fishes, and reptiles.  Undeniably, Raja Ampat provides some of the most incredible examples of healthy reef-related habitats, including sea grass beds, mangroves, marine lakes, and various reef types, which are vital to the workings of its complex food web.  It is heartening to be able to visit such a large area that still retains its overall health and beauty.  But trouble looms on the horizon as large mining, oil and natural gas companies are eyeing Raja Ampat for its valuable natural resources.”

Ethan Daniels

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