Ethan Daniels: Thoughts on 2010

As 2010 fades into history I find it hard to believe that Under Cape Cod Waters was published only seven months ago.  Undergoing the process of writing and creating photographs for such a project was an enriching experience, not only because I learned the process of putting a book together but also, I immersed myself in a foreign underworld that I had known only as a child.

I’m sure a few people have heard me say that the Cape was as challenging an environment as I’ve ever photographed underwater, mainly due to the cold.  The temperature of the water makes everything else difficult.  I (and my camera) can handle nutrient-filled, dark conditions, but frigid temperatures are never easy to deal with for more than a short time.  And, just so you’re impressed, I did it all without the use of a drysuit.  Now, I know better and have since become a drysuit convert! Whatever the case, I was encouraged by the diversity of native flora and fauna found throughout the Cape’s variety of aquatic habitats.

The experience of re-exploring Cape Cod is ongoing. Though it is merely a sliver of land on the surface of the globe, as seen from space, it is home for many and represents a microcosm of temperate marine ecosystems across the planet.  Recent work has found me shooting in Indonesia as well as northern California, but I look forward to getting back under the freezing waters off Cape Cod in July and August of 2011!  Have a great new year!

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  1. August 30, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    Hi Ethan! Your work is awesome!
    Like you i am a NatGeo Top Shot winner (March 2010), and i would like to invite you to an exhibition here in Brazil. Is possible to participate by internet. Here all information:
    Please check all information box.
    Best Regards,
    Christian Meyn

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