Diver’s Dispatch: Tagging Sharks & Hunting the Solar Eclipse

Sounds like the largest predators in the north Atlantic are back!  It’s heartening to hear, through Dr. Greg Skomal’s recent research, that one of Earth’s most impressive apex predators, the Great White shark, is now returning to Cape Cod waters.   This is certainly a sign that seal populations are doing well, especially around Monomoy Island.  Though diving amid the cold waters off the Cape is alluring, even with a few sharks, I am about to head out the door for French Polynesia where I will be hunting the 2010 total solar eclipse.  This will be my second total eclipse and I must say that if you have yet to see one, be sure you do.  This indescribable spectacle is one of the most incredible natural events that one can observe.  Though the path of the eclipse is far from the U.S. this year, 2017 will see it passing over much of the U.S.  Below are a few images from last year’s eclipse.

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