Dirty Old Boston in the Wild

Go-Stuff-your-stockings-DOBYou might have noticed that Jim Botticelli’s new book, Dirty Old Boston: Four Decades of a City in Transition, is pretty much, well, EVERYWHERE. And there’s a reason. This photographic history of our charming city has something for even the most hard to please person on your holiday shopping list. Based on the wildly popular Facebook page of the same name, Dirty Old Boston features compelling images of Boston from the postwar years through 1987, a timespan that includes some of the city’s most dramatic and tumultuous events. It’s the perfect gift for people raised in and around the city who are nostalgic for the gritty town they grew up in, new transplants getting acquainted with Boston for the first time, and everyone in between. And some of our favorite bookstores are catering to the overwhelming demand!

DOB_FinalCoverIt should come as no surprise that we think indie shops are THE place to get your holiday shopping done and books are by far the best gift. Books never go out of style, they’re entertaining, they’re affordable, and let’s face it: they’re really easy to wrap.  During this busy season, we know for sure you’ll be able to find it at the following locations:

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