Digital Arts Programs at Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts

BU CDIA Waltham Campus, from

If you or anyone you know are interested in the world of digital arts and have yet to explore the offerings of the BU CDIA, it’s time. This fantastic center on Waltham’s Moody Street (with another campus in Washington DC) has been a great friend to Union Park Press since 2008. They’ve partnered with us on multiple projects: from introducing us to Ethan Daniels at a Chris Klein author event at Back Pages Books next door; to filming author events at the Boston Public Library and the BU CDIA; to hosting a book launch upon Under Cape Cod Waters release in June 2010.

Most recently, the BU CDIA was responsible for printing the seventeen 22” x 28” framed Cape Cod prints hanging on the walls of Trident Booksellers & Café from July 10-August 21. And what an incredible job they did! As Ethan Daniels explains, seeing the images enlarged, framed, and up on a wall brings every detail to life—a great feat for close-ups of flora and fauna beneath the Cape’s waterlines.  The BU CDIA instructors and staff chipped in for each stage of the exhibit, from planning and printing to framing and the actual installation.

What’s wonderful about the CDIA is the range of programs offered for those interested in exploring the world of digital imaging to those who want to actually make a career in the field.  Their curriculum includes Photography, Graphic Design, Web Development, Digital Filmmaking, Audio Production, 3D Animation, as well as regular workshops and high school summer programs. In a constantly changing digital age, the instructors and staff are there to keep up with the changes and keep students in the know—and from our experience, they do it with passion and patience, all the way until the final exhibit.

Next time you’re reminiscing about the “if only…” and “what if…” of being an artist in one medium or another, take a look at the BU CDIA website and see how to make it happen. And of course, be sure to share your future projects with us…they might lead to a new book in the Union Park Press collection!

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