Union Park Press Custom Publishing

For almost a decade, the Union Park Press team has honed the skills necessary to create, design, produce, and bring to market a line of increasingly successful books. During this time, we have established a network of reliable, talented professionals who are instrumental in producing high-quality books that can compete with larger publishing houses.

We have cultivated relationships with local and national media, making our marketing campaigns highly visible and effective. We love social media and see it as a viable and integral aspect of an effective publicity and marketing campaign. Most important: we know how to leverage publicity into sales by working directly with booksellers and special market retailers.

Truth? We love what we do. Especially when it comes to collaborating with creative, smart, savvy authors.

Why Choose Us

      • Working with Maria Lawton, we were able to double her sales and halve her costs. Her book Azorean Cooking: From My Family Table To Yours, has sold copies as far as South Africa, Norway, and Macao.
      • After her successful Kickstarter campaign, Union Park Press began assisting author Denise Price with marketing and publicity for Freedom Trail Pop Up Book of Boston. The book has since been featured on WBUR, Boston.com, in the Boston Globe, Publishers Weekly and Bostinno.
      • Union Park Press turned a twenty-year-old manuscript about Boston Floating Hospital into a beautiful and informative book and a viable marketing tool.
      • Union Park Press was able to cut costs and double the print run of an out-of-print book,  A Lighthouse Family, so that Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands could provide free copies to libraries, while still printing and selling the original run of 250 books.
      • Union Park Press edited, designed, and managed production of Russ Lopez’s comprehensive history, Boston’s South End: The Clash of Ideas in a Historic Neighborhood. We were able to streamline the narrative, reduce printing costs, and deliver a compelling book design that will be competitive in the marketplace.

We listen.

Our goal is to create a publishing program that meets your unique needs.

We plan.

We provide viable options that deliver high-quality products while making your bottom line our top priority.

We create.

We create a competitive product that successfully marries the narrative and visual while exceeding professional publishing standards.

Union Park Press Custom Publishing Services

Editorial: Our seasoned editors will diagnose your manuscript; we edit for structure, content, and language; we copyedit and proof; or we simply provide feedback and guidance on how to strengthen your prose.

Design: Don’t be fooled: everyone judges a book by its cover. Think of design as your first marketing effort–it is an invitation to pick up the book and begin to read.

Production: We love books. We love paper, bindings, and the printers and programmers who create the essence of a book. And while producing e-books can be fraught with challenges, we’re here to help you make educated decisions based on quality and value.

Before your books fly off the shelves, your inventory will need warehousing. Then you’ll need to fulfill all those orders. Let us get you set up with a solution that makes sense for you—and then the real fun begins…

Let the book industry know about your book! Tell them why it’s important and what will be done to promote and ensure its success! We’ll help you get the attention of booksellers and specialty markets with strategies that work. Crafting a targeted sales campaign is the key to success. You’ve made a significant investment by creating and manufacturing your book – this step is crucial.

 Once you get your books into the bookstores, you still need customers to make that point of purchase. Union Park Press has an extensive network of media contacts and social media partners that will get you and your title in the news and on your readers’ minds.

Union Park Press authors and custom publishing partners have appeared on RadioBoston, Chronicle, Fox TV, the Hallmark Channel, Food Network, and WBUR– to name just a few.
– Union Park Press’ books and authors have been featured in the Boston Globe, Yankee Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Publishers Weekly, as well as a variety of other important online magazines.
– Think of publicity as a tree falling in the woods: if there are no books in stores, then all your efforts are often for naught. We know how to leverage publicity into sales, which is a key component to our success.

Create buzz around your book with creative events and strategic partnerships. Events sell books and generate publicity (which … sells books.) We can assist in booking appearances at bookstores, libraries, private clubs, and historical societies. Not only do we assist our authors and publishing partners to set up important author events, but also help them them deliver a dynamic presentation that often leads to future engagements.

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