Countdown to the Boston Harbor Islands Ferries!

Since the initial publication of Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands back in June 2008, Union Park Press has become increasingly involved with the Boston Harbor Islands. We’re thrilled to see how awareness of the Islands has grown in the past few years. According to the Boston Harbor Island Alliance’s 2010 annual report, the harbor islands welcomed 135,00 visitors by boat in 2009—a 44% increase in visitation from 2006, which we are certain will increase in 2011. Program offerings have been increased and now serve a wider demographic including: families, inner-city schools, outdoor enthusiasts, professional groups, and Boston newcomers. Camping has become more of an option, too!

We’re excited to see big things happen this summer. The Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion on the Rose Kennedy Greenway is certainly going to make a big difference in capturing the tourist trade. Programming highlights for this summer season include the ever popular Thursday night clambake by Summer Shack, youth yoga, Berklee jazz on Spectacle, plays in the park, the Junior Ranger program, history walks, and anything else you can dream up.

I’ve been to almost all of the islands (even the ones you’re really not supposed to go to), and each one really is it’s own little paradise.

There’s something about an island, after all. It takes effort to get there, and once there, you are more or less commanded by the environment.

How lucky we are in Greater Boston to have these gems within our easy reach.

To get to the islands by public transportation: Boston’s Best Cruises Ferry Service to the islands resumes this Saturday, May 7, 2011.

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