Chronicles of a Chronicle Shoot

Here at Union Park Press, we are BIG fans of Chronicle HD, a local nightly news magazine show. So it goes without saying that we were pretty excited to work with a Chronicle producer in recent weeks to put together a “last gasp of summer” episode featuring hidden treasures of the Boston area.

It just so happens that we knew the perfect person for the job: Meg Muckenhoupt, author of Boston’s Gardens & Green Spaces. Meg knows a thing or two about secret spots in and around Boston—particularly when it comes to the lesser-known parks and gardens that dot our city’s landscape. She is also whip-smart and animated in front of a crowd (or a camera in this case). Like we said: perfect.

Shooting was scheduled for a beautiful, late-August day last week. I was lucky enough to tag along on the shoot and watch as Meg worked her magic in front of the camera. Without giving TOO much away, I can tell you that it involved little bug sculptures, lush roses, lots of honeybees, and a ton of great information about special green spaces in Boston and Cambridge.

The segment will air later this month (TBD) on Chronicle, WCVB Channel 5, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Stay tuned!

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