Chris Klein and “candidate-peeping” in the New York Times

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With those crazy caucuses in Iowa finished, the nation now turns its eyes towards the oft-overlooked state of New Hampshire. In the days ahead of the January 10th presidential primary, the Granite State becomes the de facto headquarters for the candidates, their staffs, political junkies and the media that follow their every move.

While New Hampshire is no stranger to seasonal tourism, it usually takes form of lake hopping during the summer months or foliage-viewing trips in the fall. However, New Hampshire residents know that every fourth January, the state is also an excellent place to go “candidate-peeping.”

In an article that appeared in the December 25th issue of the New York Times travel section, Union Park Press author Christopher Klein explores this practice and suggests hot spots for candidate sightings, including Manchester’s Red Arrow Diner and the New Hampshire State House in Concord. You can find the article here. Happy peeping—and if you’re a New Hampshire resident, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!

Christopher Klein is the author of The Die-Hard Sports Fan’s Guide to Boston and Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands: A Guide to the City’s Hidden Shores. He is a regular contributor to the travel pages of The Boston Globe, and his articles and photographs have appeared in National Geographic Traveler, The Boston Globe Magazine, New England Travel, GO Magazine, AAA Horizons,,, and

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