Frogs_thawWith snow banks as tall as buildings, ice dams threatening to break into your homes, and not a parking spot to be found, we’ve had a rough go this winter. But now it’s March, and (hopefully) in a few short weeks the snow will melt and we will be able to get outside and reaffirm that we’re not totally insane for living in Boston.

Inspired by the #digoutdineout campaign and Mayor Walsh’s Boston Bingo (especially the square that encourages you to visit your local bookstore!), we wanted to take it a step further. What will you do once the snow is gone? Sail Boston Harbor? Hit the farmer’s markets? Swill cocktails on your front stoop?  Get rowdy in the bleacher seats? Tell us!

Here are our top 10 #BostonThawing musts, in no particular order.

FREEDOM! When was the last time you walked the Freedom Trail? If the answer is “middle school,” it’s time to lace up those sneaks. Take a fresh look at some of Boston’s most significant buildings, and remember: if they have survived hundreds of years of Boston winters, you can too. New this year: the Freedom Trail Pop Up Book of Boston comes out in April. Pre-order now!

Rev_ThawDRINK LIKE A PATRIOT. So you’re walking the Freedom Trail, and you start to get thirsty. You just might want to take a break and pop into a pub for a bit. From your perch at the bar, you start to wonder how Boston came to be the great drinking town it is today. Solution: pick up a copy of Drinking Boston and lead your cabin fever suffering friends on an expert pub crawl through the city.

SUNSHINE + BEER = HAPPINESS. On those first spring days, find yourself a beer garden and enjoy one of the things we do best around here (hint: brew beer). Check out the patio at long-time favorite Cambridge Brewing Company, the beer garden at Sam Adams Brewery, or Slumbrew’s American Fresh Brewhouse, which opened in Somerville’s Assembly Square while you were hibernating. To learn more about the local brewery scene and how we got here, pick up a copy of Crafty Bastards.

GRILLING SEASON. We are really excited for a backyard filled with friends instead of snow. With Sam Monsour & Richard Chudy’s new book American Burger Revival coming out just in time for BBQ season, you’ll soon be busy trying to decide which burger adventure you’ll embark upon first. Pre-order your copy today so when the sun is out you’ll be ready to fire up your grill too!

THINGS THAT ARE GREEN. Spring means the return of farmers’ markets and the reminder to eat your vegetables. Much of those early greens you see in Boston will be coming to you straight from the South Coast, which tends to be the warmest and one of the most fertile agricultural areas in our region. Flip through The Coastal Table for plenty of ways to use that early spring produce. It offers 120 recipes (and reasons) to fall in love with New England all over again.

Sale_thawI’M ON A BOAT. Some people love the way snow glistens in the morning sun. We prefer the way sunblock glistens at the tips of our noses as we cruise across Boston Harbor toward our very own group of (not so tropical) islands. Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands will prepare you for a day at the beach on Spectacle, a relaxing stroll around Georges, and finally exploring all 34 islands found just off the coast of this great city of ours.

THE SWAN BOATS ARE COMING! If you ever need to convince someone that Boston is beautiful, head to any of the parks in the Emerald Necklace. Plan a picnic in the Public Garden or parade your mom through the Arboretum on Lilac Sunday and you’ll soon forget all about snow. For more ideas on how to soak up every ounce of green this spring, pick up Boston’s Gardens & Green Spaces.

JUST LEAVE THE HOUSE ALREADY. We realize #BostonThawing might be a little slow, so visiting some of New England’s historic properties is a great activity for early spring. Why not attend The Mount’s Literary Deathmatch on April 24th? (Yes, you read that right.) Check out New England’s Historic Homes & Gardens to plan your own trip around New England while the snow melts away.

Tan_thaw copyBE A DIRTY OLD BOSTONIAN. Stop crying over your confiscated space savers and obsessing over the Blizzard of ’78 comparisons. If you’re still sitting in traffic and epic lines for the T, stow away your new-fangled technology and pick up the original media: the book. We recommend Dirty Old Boston—it will make you feel even more like a gritty, old school Bostonian than the seven feet of snow outside your door.

OPENING DAY. There’s nothing more hopeful than baseball in April. The crack of the bat and the smell of Fenway franks will have you thinking summer even as you’re bundled up against Boston’s early spring. Pick up a copy of The Die Hard Sports Fan’s Guide To Boston to brush up on your Sox history before the season officially begins.


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