Boston’s Nesting Season

You’ve seen plenty of eggs this week in Easter Baskets and on Passover plates. But where are all the nests?

Risa Edelstein is building one for the D2E Sustainable Living Expo to go along with her fanciful bird houses. If you can’t make it to the Hynes Convention Center this weekend, you could flit over to Weezie’s Gardenat the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in Wellesley to see the child-sized nest there. Designer Julie Moir Messervy’s nest is a bit chunkier and more rugged than Edelstein’s. Perhaps Messervy had some raptor in mind, say, an osprey’s nest, while Edelstein’s nest seems more suitable to a ginormous robin.

I like nests. They change your perspective in a way that benches and tables don’t. The sides of the Weezie’s Garden nest are low enough that adults (and most children) have to crouch down to feel like they’re safe inside the nest’s walls. Suddenly, you’re looking at the sky instead of the flowers– like a baby bird anticipating flight. What’s up there? Perhaps if you open your mouth a a worm will drop in, courtesy of Gigantobird.

Still, why should we limit ourselves to ospreys and robins? I’d really like to see a human-sized dangling nest– like a baltimore oriole’s nest, or a grove or oropendula nests. Yes, I can imagine the lawsuits once little Olivia gets stuck in the ropes… but they’re up, these gigantic hammocky string bags would be intriguing places to take in the view.

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