Boston’s Gardens & Green Spaces in the Christian Science Monitor

Hello friends! We’re pleased to share some great publicity news with you.

Boston’s Gardens & Green Spaces by Meg Muckenhoupt received a glowing review in the Christan Science Monitor on Tuesday, March 29th.

Monitor correspondent Judy Lowe interviewed Boston garden writers and enthusiasts to find out their top picks for garden books in 2010. Hilda Morrill, columnist and editor of the website (no connection to the book) said:

“One of my favorite books this year was ‘Boston’s Gardens & Green Spaces’ by Meg Muckenhoupt (Union Park Press, $22.95).

It has “great photos, great information and history, and introduction to gardens I had never been aware of,” she explains. “Much to look forward to! Good resource for both visitors and residents alike.”

If you don’t already own a copy of Boston’s Gardens & Green Spaces be sure to join the club in time for spring—you’ll be amazed by the new places waiting to be discovered in your Boston back yard.

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