Boston: Past + Present Photo Composites


One of the best things about working at Union Park Press is getting to know the amazing retailers that sell our books. More often than not, we find that we have a lot in common and share many of the some interests (it comes with the territory!). I was in one of my favorite Boston shops the other day, Sault New England, talking with Philip about a few of our upcoming books (among other things). We started to chat about our forthcoming book, Dirty Old Boston, when Rachael, who also works at Sault, spoke up. She had been working on a project at Northeastern where she was overlaying contemporary Boston scenes on top of historic photographs – did I want to see them? Um, YES, I did!

I was immediately taken by her work. It was fascinating to see the layers of history all in one photograph, with ghost-like images of people, trolleys and buildings paired with the hustle and bustle of Boston today. I asked if she might be willing to share her work, and she was. I have included a few here – take a close look, you’ll be surprised at how many small details you’ll notice.  To see more, please visit Rachael’s facebook page and website. She’ll be graduating with a BFA soon, so look for more exciting photography from Rachael in the future!



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