Prompt donated by Wally the Green Monster

For the longest time, I have been looking for a certain “Sweet Caroline” that they sing about at Fenway Park with no luck. So one day I decided to leave my big green home and go out in search of her.

I was dragging my backpack and realized it was way too heavy—maybe because I’d tried to take everything from my big green home with me on my search for Caroline. The elephants at 330 Stuart Street were too far from Fenway for this haul.

The wind blew fiercely, I wondered if hot coffee would be possible as I rested my back against a sharp brick wall.

Suddenly Jim Rice hit a monstrous homerun over the left field wall, the ball bounced on the sidewalk and cracked a car’s windshield, setting off a piercing alarm. Everyone (it seemed) turned to look at me as I blushed from all the attention. To this one might imagine an adorable pink hue atop a fuzzy green pelt, but I had no such luck. Instead of pink, my cheeks grew a mottled crimson, and a single tear leaked down my fuzzy-wuzzy face.

At that moment he came in, and he looked me in the eye as he brushed it softly off my cheek. He said to me, “I’m Jim Rice and I’m so sorry my homerun caused all this but one day it’s gonna make a great story!” I stood there, baffled, and wondered if it was time to open that backpack of mine and take out the baseball bat I had hidden in my bag as I asked boldly, “May I play with the team?!”

“I’m sorry,” said Jim. “The world doesn’t work that way.”

Story contributors: Ink Tracks, Nashua NH; Nora, Jamaica Plain; Jeanne Cronin, Cambridge; Brett Coty, Boston; Tim, Miami FL; Kyle, Somerville; Kaitlan Hannan, Roslindale; Devin McGuire, Farmington ME; Francois Ducroux, Beverly; Melanie Yarbrough, Cambridge.