Prompt donated by Stephanie Schorow,
Author of The Crime of the Century and Boston on Fire

Sally knew she might be asking for trouble jogging on the Esplanade on a winter’s night, but she never expected to trip over someone sprawled right under the nose of Arthur Fielder’s giant aluminum head. It was the little orphan gnome she used to nanny. She took him and embraced him gently. She fed him gumdrops and jellybeans and washed it all down with pickle juice.

The gnome looked up at Sally, a mixture of joy and revulsion in his eyes. There was a hint of recognition in his eyes, and he hesitantly embraced her.

He was quite compact and fit well in her pocket. She enveloped him in her jacket and continued jogging towards warmth, until the gnome put up a ruckus in her pocket.

“Stop,” she cried, as she felt her pocket melt into an inverted tunnel taking her forth unto the future. Unfortunately, the gnome couldn’t come with her.

“Wow, that was a weird and crazy dream,” Sally thought as she awoke with a start! Sally jolted up and started on her day just as she normally did with joy and a youthful spirit.

The morning sun glittered in her hair and the smell of coffee wafted through the air. As she climbed in her car and pulled out of the garage, thoughts of gnomes and pickle juice confused her plans for the rest of her day at the museum. This was until she met Barry out of the blue.

“Barry! I forgot that you’re a gnome!” Sally cried as she looked down at Barry’s pickle-stained face under his pointy felt hat.

“How could you have forgotten?” Barry replied looking offended. “Just last week we got engaged!”

Sally looked at Barry blankly.

“I guess you really haven’t recovered from that accident.” Barry sighed. “Accident?” Sally replied.

They stood looking at each other in silence.

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