Prompt donated by Kim Foley MacKinnon,
Author of Boston Baby and creator of

Along the Jamaicaway in Boston, there is a curious door set in a stone wall alcove that doesn’t open. Its intricate cast-iron metalwork has long been obscured by the ivy of many generations.

Peeling back the ivy, Travis finds himself focused on, of all things, the lock. Instinct and intrigue push him to look for the key, doing so runs the risk of making him late, though.

Travis is looking for Angela’s dead body. Looming up before him on the stone wall above, Angela’s dead, cold body is, in fact, looking for Travis!

Contributors: Ben Piche, Boston; Tim Horvath, Statham, NH; Courtney Forti, Quincy; Richard Negman, Waltham; Ja Fitzgerald, Easton; Marc Katz.