In case you haven’t heard, Union Park Press will be sponsoring a one of a kind creative writing project at the Boston Book Festival this year. We invite you to stop by our booth to add a sentence to one of our city-themed stories started by fellow Bostonians. Just think, you could continue a story started  by Dennis Lehane author of Mystic River and Shutter Island, Wally the Green Monster, or Jody Adams executive Chef at Rialto Restaurant. The goal is to create a collection of short-shorts collaboratively written by book festival attendees… and to have a little literary fun!

Need an example? The Union Park Press team and our authors have been busy sending a short short around the office, take a look.

“Dude, my PHONE!” cried Mark, flailing as he fell off the deck of Codzilla, his brother standing suspiciously close by. But it was too late; as Mark plunged into the icy waters, he saw a harbor seal catch the phone in its mouth and start to swim toward Lovells Island. Mark knew he’d have to fight past the bitter cold to catch that seal if his plot to take over the Citgo sign would finally pan out. The chance for this black sheep—a die-hard Yankees fan in a family of Boston boosters—to extinguish Red Sox Nation’s pulsating beacon with a touch of his fingertip was now at a marine mammal’s mercy. With news of the chase spreading across the harbor’s radio waves, a Rowe’s Wharf water taxi came racing to Mark’s rescue, “Y’alright, kid? Let’s get ’em!” With a well-aimed toss, Mark snagged the slippery seal with a ring life preserver, grabbed his phone and the water taxi did a 180, heading back to shore. If only Mark’s brother hadn’t alerted the women of Girl Sox Nation (who were impatiently awaiting him at Long Wharf) about his diabolical plan, he may have survived the whole escapade intact.

Join us at the Boston Book Festival on October 16th in Copley Square from 10am-6pm.

Read (and write) local!