Boston Harbor Islands Buff? Try our quiz!

Next Tuesday, June 8, at 7pm, Chris Klein will be speaking about Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands: A Guide to the City’s Hidden Shores at the New England Aquarium—a fitting location for World Oceans Day, and even more fitting timing with the world’s attention on the Gulf Oil Spill.

The Boston Harbor Islands national park area includes 34 islands and coastal peninsulas in a 12-mile radius from downtown Boston. Home to geological treasures, over 130 bird species, and some of the country’s most historic landmarks, the history and legends of the islands extend to over 1,500 years ago.

As a local, how much do you know about these hidden gems in our very own backyard? (no googling and whatnot!):

  1. Which island was once owned by Harvard University?
  2. Which island once housed Italian Prisoners of Wars during World War II?
  3. On which island did the French man of war Magnifique run aground during the American Revolution?
  4. On which island did the U.S. Government run a Radio Training School during World War II?
  5. On which island were executed pirates hung on gibbet chains as a warning to mariners?
  6. Which island is home to the Lady in Black?
  7. Which island was once considered as a training camp for the New England Patriots and the site of a 1976 World’s Fair?
  8. Which island was home to a hotel owned by former baseball player John Irwin and hosted the first known Old-Timers Game in the early 1900s?
  9. Which island was home to a horse-rendering factory and a city landfill?
  10. Which island was once considered as the home of the United Nations?
  11. Which islands were used to intern Native Americans during King Philip’s War in 1675?
  12. Which island is home to the ruins of the 20-room mansion once owned by Julia Arthur, the queen of American stage in the early 1900s?

Come find out the answers to these and learn even more on June 8 at 7PM at the New England Aquarium.  Chris Klein will be there to talk about Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands.

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