The Freedom Trail Pop Up Book of Boston


Boston’s historic buildings, one pop up at a time.

A custom publication by White Dharma LTD


Pop Up Book!, 11.6 x 8.6 x 1.9 inches

16 Pop-up pages, Full-color art

Boston’s iconic Freedom Trail® has long been the best way to discover the city’s integral role in the dawn of American Independence. Winding its way through Boston’s Colonial-era streets, this legendary brick footpath includes sixteen nationally significant sites, among them the Old State House—an emblem of liberty for over 300 years—Faneuil Hall—known as the “cradle of liberty”—the distinguished Old North Church, and the formidable USS Constitution. Now there is an extraordinary pop up book to commemorate the tour and the birth of the nation.

Bursting with incredible architectural detail, exquisite craftsmanship, and fascinating profiles of each landmark, the Freedom Trail® Pop Up Book of Boston will delight readers of all ages whether they are from near or far. Author and creator Denise Price and the Freedom Trail Foundation invite you to watch the city’s rich heritage come alive with each brightly illustrated pop up—and to experience Boston history in an entirely new and fresh way







Denise D. Price has an MBA in International Business and is grateful to have had the opportunities to take some weekend workshops in paper arts with some of the finest traveling pop-up professors in the world, at the historic Bennett Street School in Boston, and at the Mass College of Art and Design. She combines her astuteness for business and an eye for detail to create marketable and interesting art. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she daydreams of a home at the base of the Rocky Mountains, and how to make paper into things that delight and transport the viewer to a parallel plane of the same universe, if only for a split second.

Denise Price first visited Boston as a tourist from Denver, Colorado, and like millions of other tourists, she was amazed to find the history she’d learned about in school right in front of her eyes — from the Boston Tea Party to the midnight ride of Paul Revere… And then she did something which no other tourist has done, as far as we know, she made a pop up book of the Freedom Trial, which is out now.