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I know, I know—another blog, but this one is different, I swear!

Read Local is the brainchild of Union Park Press, a local, independent publisher of books about Boston and New England at large. Our books range from guides to the Boston Harbor Islands, the wonderful (and ever-perplexing) world of Boston sports, Boston’s amazing network of green spaces, to a survival guide for Boston parents. And in May, look for a stunning collection of underwater photography of Cape Cod by award-winning photojournalist Ethan Daniels.

We’d like to think that working on these books has turned us into Boston mavens—Union Park Press is comprised of history buffs, lovers of the literary, cultural connoisseurs, professional deal-finders, and investigators of little known factoids about the city and region we all love (or during inclement weather, revile) so dearly.

So we said to ourselves, “Selves: Let’s start a blog so other people may benefit from our growing wealth of knowledge! We’re smart-ish! We’re funny—sometimes! People will read it … right?”

In the coming days, weeks, months, perhaps even years, you’ll see posts from our stable of Boston authors—experts on the unexpected treasures of this fine city. Looking for great family activities? Read Local with Kim Foley MacKinnon, author of Boston Baby (coming to a store near you in January 2010!). Want to go off the beaten track to discover a ramble others might have overlooked? Follow in the footsteps of Meg Muckenhoupt, the brains behind Boston’s Gardens and Green Spaces. Or maybe you’re looking for a sports outing that won’t bankrupt you before or after the holidays? Well, our resident die-hard Chris Klein is here to help you out. (Watered-down beer not included.)

Bostonians rejoice! You have discovered yet another blog that connects you with the city you almost always love. Cradle of liberty, Athens of America, Hub of the solar system. Our one promise is that we’ll refrain from calling Boston “Beantown”—unless we’re desperate for a nifty alliteration.

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