Blizzard of ’78, Blizzard of ’15…


Route 128 in Needham during the Blizzard of ’78 from the U.S. National Archives

After a virtually snow-less winter, we were finally blessed with a whopper this week, dumping between 2-3 feet of the white stuff across much of Massachusetts. While we all expected the worst, we fared well this time around: minimal power outages, light, fluffy snow, and lots of advance warning made this a fairly painless experience. Relatively speaking, that is.

Whenever we talk about snow here in New England, you can be SURE that someone will bring up the Blizzard of ’78. While the Blizzard of ’15 brought similar snow totals, we are about back to normal just a few days later. With the Blizzard of ’78, vehicles (including snowplows) were stranded – and abandoned – on the highways for days. The travel ban lasted 7 days and many school systems closed down for weeks. With stats like that (not to mention the loss of life and widespread injuries), we should feel like we dodged the bullet in 2015. Looking for more proof? Check out the Dirty Old Boston Facebook page, where Jim is busy posting all the blizzard photos he can get his hands on.

With more snow on the way and predictions for an “active” February, we think now is a great time for us all to hunker down and read a good book. May we suggest Dirty Old Boston? Filled with photos of Boston from the post-war years through the ’80s (including some great shots of the Blizzard of ’78!), it’s the perfect companion to your comfy arm chair and a cozy blanket.

This photographic tribute to the city makes the PERFECT Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone. It’s available at through our website; online through Amazon or Barnes & Noble; or, of course, at your favorite local bookstore! Look for it at the following stores:

Stay warm Boston – and as always, STAY DIRTY!

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