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When food writer and personal chef Karen Covey moved to the south coast of Massachusetts, she discovered a gastronomic treasure trove. One of those gems was The Town Wharf General Strore in her hometown of Mattapoisett. It was establishments such as Town Wharf that inspired her when she endeavored to write The Coastal Table.

The Coastal Table celebrates the region’s epicurean heritage with a fresh, simple twist on traditional New England fare. In the book, Covey profiles many of the area’s winemakers, farmers, cheese makers, and fishermen who are quietly producing some of New England’s finest ingredients. The Town Wharf proudly showcases those same local elements that are at the heart of The Coastal Table.

On Saturday, September 28th, from 4 to 6PM, Covey will be at The Town Wharf General Store, sharing her knowledge of the region’s culinary traditions, signing copies of the book, and offering patrons a tasting of some of the book’s recipes. Join her to chat about the region, the area’s produce, and her experiences writing this unique collection of recipes. The books have been flying off the shelves at Town Wharf this fall; come see why the community is flocking to this local author!

The Coastal Table_Cover_2x3Covey is a personal chef, food writer, and recipe developer. She is the creator of the site Gourmet Recipes for One and her articles and recipes have been featured in the Boston Globe Magazineedible South Shore, and Local in Season.  The Coastal Table is now available at the How On Earth store and in your local Barnes & Noble and independent bookstore. You can also purchase the book through our websiteAmazon, and

The Town Wharf General Store, in Mattapoisett, centers on sourcing local ingredients and supporting the South Coast community.

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