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Exhibit Photo Via Isles Art Initiative

In the peak of New England’s sweltering summer heat, what’s better than a cool ride across Boston Harbor? Not much. A salty mist in your hair, a streak of sunblock under your eyes, and a summer-long public art exhibition ahead of you.

On July 11th, the Isles Art Initiative in conjunction with the Boston Sculptors Gallery will transform the Boston Harbor Islands into various historically inspired art exhibits. Georges Island, Spectacle Island, and the Boston Sculptors Gallery in the SoWa district will host an array of installations from over seventy national and local artists, all free of charge.

On Georges Island, 41.3 acres will be covered by COVE. The contemporary site-responsive exhibit will feature kinetic sculptures, prints, paintings and mixed media. On Spectacle Island, different performance artists will occupy the island each day as a part of SEEN/UNSEEN. The artists may only use what they can carry on the ferry to, “ebb and flow like the tide” from mid-morning until dawn.

Exhibit Photo Via Isles Art Initiative

Photos courtesy of the Isles Art Initiative

On the mainland, artwork will be on display in the Boston Sculptors Gallery, representing each Boston Harbor Island. Excerpts from Christopher Klein’s book, Discovering The Boston Harbor Islands, A Guide to the City’s Hidden Shores, will provide historical context for each of the pieces. The guidebook and historical narrative of the thirty-four islands explores the mystery and beauty behind the best-kept secret in Boston’s backyard. The Isles Art Initiative expects to capture this beauty and splendor in their exhibits.

The dates and times of the exhibits and performances vary, but fall under the umbrella of July 11th through August 26th. The exhibits are free, but tickets for the ferry to the islands cost $17 for adults, $12 for seniors and students, and $10 for kids. You can purchase tickets here.

This one-of-a-kind summer event is perfect for the whole family. Turn off those screens and grab a floppy hat;small_MEDIAKIT_BH the islands are waiting your arrival.

For a full schedule of events and exhibits, visit the Isles Arts Initiative’s website here. To grab a copy of Christopher Klein’s book about the islands, visit Amazon, the publisher’s website, or get to your local bookstore.

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