Announcing Under Cape Cod Waters

We are pleased to announce that Under Cape Cod Waters by author and photographer Ethan Daniels is now available online and in bookstores throughout the region.

Part coffee table book, part essay on conservation, award-winning photojournalist Ethan Daniels takes Cape lovers on a stunning photographic journey through the often overlooked natural communities found along the shores of Cape Cod. Trained as a biologist, Daniels guides diving trips around the world, shooting underwater locations as exotic as Belize, Palau, and Micronesia. However it is Cape Cod, where he spent summers as a boy, that he chose as the subject of his first book-length collection.

With Cape Wind, fisheries management, and the Gulf Coast Oil Spill in the news (and memories of the 1969 Cape Cod Oil Spill), Under Cape Cod Waters offers a timely and unique chance to immerse yourself in the ecosystem that maintains this cherished peninsula–and to understand how important native species can potentially be affected by human action or inaction.

Check out the Boston Globe‘s travel section coverage of Under Cape Cod Waters this past Sunday. And come learn more and meet Ethan Daniels in person at various events in Boston and on the Cape, June 15-June 22 (more details here).

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